Saturday, January 18, 2020


Up, Up & Away for the Holidays


2018 / 11 / 21

Jet setter, vagabond, pilgrim, wanderluster — whatever you call that person who forever has one foot in the door and the other out in the world. You know them, you love them, you never know where they’ll be next.

Sometimes it’s a little easier to take off for the holidays and let the summer sun bathe your skin in the kind of glow only your fireplace could previously provide. Sandy waves and salty air is exactly what we need to break up the harsh Canadians winters.

Whether you’re taking off for the holidays or know someone who can’t keep their feet on the ground, these are luxurious essentials every traveler can’t leave home without.

Your Airport OOTD:

Who says you can't look great and still be comfortable while traveling? Try a soft, light blazer instead of a jacket if you tend to be cold on airplanes. This plaid blazer (1. Le Chateau, $139.95) features the hottest print of the season and hangs a little longer for a more casually elevated look. Pair it with—dare we suggest— a leather fanny pack (2. Bentley, $14.99). Yes, this 80’s trend is back and better than ever and, honestly, it’s still the safest, most convenient bag to travel with. Wear it a little higher (around the waist) to give your look a more modern feel and pair with a great plaid scarf (3. Eclipse, $19.95).

Time, time, who’s got the time? Never miss a flight with this classic staple. We love this Timex watch (4. London Drugs, $199.99). Stay organized with matching leather wallet (5. Bentleys, $49.99) and mustard leather backpack (6. Bentleys, $119.99) and some of your favourite pieces of jewelry (Vivah rings, assorted prices; Things Remembered charm bracelets $30-35). 

How many shoes do you bring while travelling? We say at least two: sneakers for every day, and something fancy for going out. Hit the airport in style and comfort with these aptly named "Ocean Bliss" blue Converse sneakers. (13. Quarks, on sale for $59.99). 

What’s in Your Bag:

Everyone needs one great piece of luggage to get you from here to there with no worries in between. Choose something catchy like this red hard shell American Tourister (7. Bentley, $139.99) so there’s no mix-ups at the destination. To go with the luggage, we have the ultimate item: an identification luggage tag (8. Bentley, $19.99) that also charges your phone. What more could you ask for?

Don’t you hate making a big mess trying to find one thing? These packing cubes (Bentley, $34.99) will make any traveller feel like an organization wizard.

Trust us, you need this comfort kit (9. Coles, $16.50): with a plush, easy to inflate pillow, bonus sleeping mask and ear plugs, you can rest easy on your flights.

BYOB: Bring an empty bottle to fill up on your travels. Make the shift to reusable with The Memo water bottle (10. Twisted Goods, $39.99), designed to fit into any bag, anywhere you go.

Whether you find yourself whale watching or people watching this Christmas, may we suggest a compact pair of binoculars (11. Coles, $26) to make it feel like you have front row seats to everything going on. Catch it all on camera with this gorgeous rose gold Instax instant camera (12. London Drugs, $159.99). 

Everything you need for a wander-ful life.