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Easy Like a Summer Morning


2019 / 07 / 02

Easy Like a Summer Morning

Ah, feel that? Feels like an easy, breezy season full of life and opportunity. For inspired warm summer mornings and relaxed evenings, Lawson has what you need for a season ripe for the picking. Build a new skincare routine to beat that shiny complexion, devote time to building your perfect night-on-the-town looks, or cultivate a sense of comfort to stay home and enjoy your at-home paradise. However you plan on enjoying this short and sweet season, let us help you make the most of it.

Summer Skin Routine

Change up your skin game with a summer routine that will clear away the extra oil while keeping your complexion hydrated, glowing and fresh as a daisy. A common misconception is that in the summer, you don’t need a moisturizer. Nuh-uh, girlfriend. Just switch out your heavier winter emollients for something light. We love the Body Shop because of their vegan, cruelty-free formulations and sustainable packaging. For plastic-free containers and eco-friendly materials, we’ve chosen products that either use glass or are completely recyclable. 

Cleansers We Love:

If you’re dealing with some extra unwanted glow (re: grease) on your face during the summer months, change up your cleanser for something specifically formulated to clear away grime without stripping your skin of the oils you need. The perfect choice for pH balancing + budget friendly is the Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Facial Wash (1).

If you’re still experiencing dry skin and flaky patches, opt for a cream or milk cleanser. Formulated for sensitive skin with no added fragrances, the Aloe Vera Calming Cream Cleanser (2) is our go-to for a cleanse that feels great. 

Hydrators We Love:

The magic words when looking for a moisturizer: easily absorbable, non-clogging, oil-free, hydrating. For a fresh feeling, try the Seaweed Oil Control Mattifying Gel Day Cream (3). Clean and vegan ingredients keep away unwanted shine and leave room for you to glow naturally. 

For night time, infuse some vitamin E into your routine with a cream moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling hydrated without the greasy after effects. For radiant, anti-aging results, we love the Vitamin E Moisture Cream (4).

A la Mode: Micellar Waters We Love

Do as the French do and introduce micellar water into your routine to use after cleansing or in lieu of a traditional cleanser. Simply apply micellar water to a cotton pad or cloth, wipe away makeup and grime, to leave your skin feeling balanced and revived.

A great choice for sensitive skin or for people living in areas with particularly harsh water, the Chamomile Fresh Micellar Cleansing (5) water wipes away the day’s dirt to leave your skin feeling as fresh as a daisy. 

Treat Yourself: Summer Recipes

Stay fresh with recipes that will keep the whole family satisfied through any long weekend. We love this yogurt pop recipe from David’s tea that includes delicious summer teas for a healthy treat that’s sure to beat the heat.

Can’t handle the heat? Get out of the kitchen. Summer is the perfect time for quick salads and raw treats that don’t require slaving over a stove or near an oven.

For easy meals you can prepare and keep in the fridge that pair well with all your grilled meats and light wines, trust Safeway to come through with the freshest ideas. We love their crisper chopped salad with tahini dressing, packed full of fresh vegetables and finished with a delicious dressing. Tasty! 

Should I Stay (in) Or Should I Go (out)?

Night on the town or romantic date at home? As the summer picks up speed, things can get so busy it’s easy to forget to slow down and enjoy the weather and moments with friends. Whether you’re planning on going out to all the markets, festivals and events happening throughout the city, or you’re cultivating a paradise at home and want to stay-in and enjoy it, we have some hot tips and tricks to make the most of it. So crank the AC, sit back with an iced coffee, and read on.

At-home Paradise

Cultivate your own at-home paradise. For lounge-wear and casual attire for sitting on the porch, barbecuing in the yard, or swimming in the pool, make a splash while feeling like you’re still in your pj’s with these ideas:

Front tie light cardigan (6. Maurices, $29) paired with a white pleated top (7. Cleo, $21.54 on sale), and paperbag waist shorts (8. Maurices, $20 on sale). Lounge in luxury and opt for these lace shorts (9. Maurices, $20 on sale). For more ideas and new arrivals, check out all of the new arrivals from Maurices here.

Outdoors meets city chic with a pair of updated suede Birkenstocks in dusty rose (9. Quarks, $209.98). Trek through the garden in your comfortable shorts or hit the night scene in a floral dress with these classic everyday sandals.

Paint The Town 

Paint the town red (or green, or yellow, just make it you!). We’ve got tropical fever with picks from Laura Petite Plus and Cleo that say Urban Boss meets Safari Chic for sizzling outfits that are so weekend ready you won’t be able to wait until Friday.

For one piece that is easy to wear but has striking elegance, we love this floral print day dress (10. Laura, $79.99 on sale). Strut the summer streets in chic white pants with lace trim (11. Laura, $63.99 on sale) and a vibrant coral lace top (12. Cleo, $14.99 on sale) Swap it out for a palm print tee (13. Cleo, $14.99 on sale) to wear with a white boyfriend blazer (14. Cleo, $47.94 on sale) for a gorgeous straight-off-the-yacht look. 


Should I Stay or Go Giveaway

Are you the kind of person with FOMO (fear of missing out)? Or maybe you have JOMO (the joy of missing out)? Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, we have a giveaway you definitely won’t want to miss. For July, in the spirit of Friendship Day on July 30th, we’re giving away two prizes that embrace your personality. Gather the friends together for the ultimate beach day with our FOMO prize or cozy up at home with the AC on for a quiet night in. The choice is yours, don’t delay! Enter now online through our feature giveaway page! Also find our giveaway posts on Facebook and Instagram for an extra entry. Just follow us, tag a friend and let us know if you’ve got FOMO or JOMO. 

JOMO prize:

I just can’t wait to get home, crack open a refreshing drink, and read on the back porch. I’ve got the perfect detoxing face mask to renew my senses and refresh for the week ahead. Another glass of wine? Don’t mind if I do! I have nowhere to be but here.

Embrace the joy of missing out with this at-home prize pack:

  • Wine (SLGA gift card)
  • Wine glasses (Stokes)
  • Top selling book (Coles)
  • Masks & skin care (The Body Shop)
  • Bathtub caddy (Twisted Goods)
  • Weighted blanket (QE Homes)

FOMO prize:

Ugh, everyone is out enjoying the summer and making the most of it. I know, I’ll throw a beach party! I’ve got a Bluetooth speaker and the best Spotify playlist ready to go. With my cute new inflatables, I have one for each of my friends. We’ll end our day sun-soaked, ready for some refreshing smoothies from booster juice. Best. Day. Ever.

Don’t worry about the fear of missing out with this prize pack:

  • Smoothies (Boost Juice gift card)
  • 2 Inflatables (Coles)
  • 4 Beach towels (QE Homes)
  • 4 Beach chairs (London Drugs)
  • Outdoor skin care products (The Body Shop)
  • Bluetooth speaker (London Drugs)

Official Rules: *Contest closes July 29th, at 11:59pm CST. Must live in SK and be 19+. Winner is asked to pick up the packages within 2 weeks of winning notification.