Saturday, January 18, 2020

We are Green

Lawson Heights is dedicated to helping take care of our planet.


We live on a small planet with limited resources, in a nation that is the most energy intensive per capita in the world. Fifty percent of the worlds' material and energy resources go into buildings in which we spend ninety percent of our time. We have a responsibility as individuals to conserve the resources we have at our disposal; as a corporation we have a duty, beyond the fiduciary, to reduce our impact on the environment and maintain the quality of life of those who work and live in and around the buildings we manage. We cannot tell people what they should do; however, we can lead by example.

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Recycling Around the Mall

Lawson Heights Mall recycles 119 metric tonnes of waste each year with cardboard and plastic being the most common items. All merchants follow the recycling guidelines and there are recycling units for the public located in ten sites throughout the mall. Programs include the upgrade of light fixtures within the common area of the mall to LED fixtures reducing energy consumption by 90%, the introduction of motion sensors in offices and maintenance areas, waterless urinals and a dedicated lockup for staff bicycles. In 2019, Lawson Heights Mall also installed hand dryers in all public washrooms and diverted over 17.2 tonnes of paper towel from the landfill annually.

Together, the merchants and management of Lawson Heights Mall are striving to make a difference!